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Don’t Ignore Your Minnesota Commercial Insurance

Like most people in Minnesota, many of us are ready for the change of seasons. While there are certainly a great number of winter sports oriented businesses in the state, summer brings people out in even greater numbers. If you are in business, you can’t ignore the impact of warmer weather.

You also shouldn’t ignore your commercial insurance protection. Many businesses will get a policy when starting their business and not review it again for years. That can cause a problem, especially if your business has changed at all through that time.

Perhaps you thought basic form coverage was adequate as a start-up. Maybe you opted for basic form instead of special form because you didn’t understand the difference. Well, now is a terrific time for a commercial insurance review.

Basic form insurance is pretty straightforward, but somewhat limiting. It is a policy that tells you precisely what perils you are protected from. If it is not listed in the policy, you very well may not be covered. Special form insurance takes a different approach, in that you can assume you are covered unless a peril is specifically excluded. This is important, and most business people prefer the broader, special form coverage. Getting a commercial insurance review is simple. Contact us at Calhoun Risk Management. We are an independent agency that can review your commercial coverage no matter who is the issuing company. We also have access to multiple companies in case you would like to find better coverage at a better premium.

Try us online for auto or home insurance. Fill out our simple form on our website and get a comparative quote. We think you’ll see why more and more Minnesota residents and businesses are turning to Calhoun Risk Management. Don’t ignore your commercial coverage. Contac t us and get a no obligation review today.

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