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BBQ The Safe Way In Minneapolis

It is important to barbecue in a safe way when you live in Minneapolis. Fire and smoke that comes from your BBQ could cause harm to your home. Homeowners insurance may protect you, but the best way to keep your home safe is to practice a few safety tips any time that you are out at the grill.

One of the first things that you want to do is find a safe location for your grill. It should never be inside a screened in patio or lanai, or inside of your garage. Keep it a distance of at least 20 feet from the structure of your home.

Another thing you want to do is keep your grill clean. The grates on the grill can become soiled with grease and food. Each time you turn on the grill, there is the potential for these things to catch on fire. Clean them off with a good wire brush and you never have to worry about such a thing.

Always inspect the gas tank if you cook with a gas grill. If there is any kind of leak, avoid cooking until you can replace the tank. If you are cooking with charcoal, there are plenty of safety tips to follow as well, including never discarding the briquettes until they have cooled completely.

It’s a good idea to invest in a fire extinguisher as well. You need to know how to use it, and if there is a fire at the grill, you will be able to put it out quickly.

When you focus on grill safety, including attending a list grill at all times, you will be able to keep your home better protected.

Call Calhoun Risk Management to learn about ways to keep your home safe in Minnesota. We can find quotes for home insurance and much more.




3 Cost-Saving Strategies for Millennials for Car Insurance

Columbia Heights, Minnesota is a great place for Millennials to call home. With less than 20,000 residents, starting their lives in a small town will limit your exposure to risks, which will make life much easier for you. Another way to protect yourself from the risks life hurls at you is by purchasing car insurance with our local agent. Although car insurance can be expensive for a millennial who is already strapped for cash, our insurance office encourages you to take the following steps to get the best insurance quotes for your auto insurance.

Use Technology to Monitor Your Driving
There are many smart apps available that will allow you to monitor how you drive. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or you simply are driving to and from work, you can use these apps to ensure that you have a safe driving experience at all times. Although most of these apps are geared towards parents, who says you cannot use them when you are trying to self-monitor to keep costs under control? Consider the following apps to improve your driving technique and to lower your insurance costs.
•    Safe Driver
•    Steer Clear Mobile
•    AT&T Drivemode
•    Sprint Drive First
•    RoadReady
All of these apps are all readily available on a smartphone near you. Over time, these apps will help you reduce your risks and lower the cost of your insurance premiums.

Improve Your Credit Rating
Credit scores are used for many things, including rating your insurance risks. Whether you are operating a business or you are concerned about the insurance premiums you pay as a consumer, improving your credit score will help lower the costs of insurance. If you are no longer viewed as a credit risk, then you will not have to pay higher premiums for your insurance coverage. 

Remain Loyal to Your Insurance Company
It pays to be loyal to your insurance company. Many insurance companies have developed loyalty rewards discounts that decrease premiums or deductibles with each passing year. The longer you remain with the company, the less you pay. When you are calling around for quotes make sure you ask about all the discounts available to you to ensure you get the best value for your insurance coverage. 

When you are ready to get a quote do not hesitate to contact our local office for insurance in 55421. We have reputable agents ready to assist you with all of your insurance needs.

3 Tips For Keeping Car Insurance Affordable With A Learner’s Permit

Minneapolis is the largest city within Minnesota. There is a population of more than 400,000 with plenty of things to do. Many homes throughout the area are higher than state average, but there are suburbs on the outside of the metropolitan that are more affordable.

When you are shopping for car insurance, particularly after adding a learners permit, there are some tips to follow. This ensures you get the best price on a policy. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending more than what is absolutely necessary.

Work with Agents

Agents are going to be able to help you with car insurance in areas that you hadn’t thought about. This includes adding a learner’s permit, talking to you about the different companies, and showing you what the risks are in Minneapolis. You may even end up adding coverage to your policy for added protection.

Share all Information

You will want to share all your information with the insurance agents. This includes the grades of the person with the learner’s permit, any organizations that you belong to, and anything else you may think is pertinent. Car insurance companies will often give discounts and you want to be able to cash in on as many of these as possible.

Compare Rates

It’s always a good idea to compare rates for insurance in Minnesota. You never know which company is going to have the lowest rate for you. By doing some comparisons, you can get a quote from each company that offers insurance in Minneapolis. You will see who has the highest and the lowest rates and then make a more informed decision.

When you need car insurance with a learner’s permit in Minnesota, contact us today. One of our agents will work closely with you to find a policy you can afford.

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