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Your Roommate Promises They’ll Be There for You, But Their Renters Insurance Might Not Be

Long-term roommates often become good friends. If you have had the same roommate for years and are good friends, don’t mistake their promises for their insurer’s. While they might assure you they’ll be there when you need help, their renters insurance probably will not be there if you’re in trouble. While you can depend on your roommate for many things, make sure to get your own renters insurance policy.

Your Roommate’s Renters Insurance

Renters insurance policies are legal documents and, as such, are governed by their terms and conditions (and Minnesota’s state laws). Your roommate’s sentiments for you don’t affect their renters insurance.

Even if your roommate would like to include you on their insurance policy, few renters insurance policies cover unrelated individuals. Their policy would likely not cover you if something happened, which is why you need your own policy.

Your Renters Insurance Policy

If your roommate really wants to help you, they should encourage you to speak with an independent insurance agent about renters insurance. Or, if you’d like to make sure your roommate is covered, you can encourage them to contact an independent agent. Only an independent agent has the freedom to compare policies from different insurers and expertise to help you make a selection.

If neither you nor your roommate knows an independent agent, contact us at Calhoun Risk Management. We have a team of licensed independent insurance agents who are ready to assist you. We’ve served many renters in Minneapolis, MN (possibly including your roommate), and we’d love to help you. To get in touch with our agents, simply reach out to us through our website.

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