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Understanding Road Rage and How You Can Avoid It

Road rage is aggressive driving. Some behaviors associated with road rage include tailgating, driving through yellow and red lights, and speeding. It’s important to note, anyone can have road rage at any given moment while driving, so it’s important to recognize when you are driving aggressively and back off. The following are a few ways you can avoid road rage.

Tip #1. Relax when you are driving.

One of the main components of road rage is anger or an irritated state of being. With an increasing amount of angst behind the wheel, you are more inclined to be aggressive towards other drivers. Instead of giving into your emotions, our team at Calhoun Risk Management suggests you try to relax behind the wheel. One easy relaxation technique you can use is taking deep breaths. By breathing deeply, you can help your muscles relax and ease your mind.

Tip #2. Pull over and calm down.

If you find that you are getting increasingly agitated while driving, you may find it fitting to pull over. You can stop at a park, grocery store, or a gas station while you wait for traffic to thin out. Pulling over is similar to relaxing behind the while, but pulling over gets you out of traffic immediately.

Tip #3. Plan ahead ,so you are not running late.

Another major contributor to road rage is lateness. When you are running late for work or an appointment, you feel a sense of urgency to get there. Set your schedules earlier than your actual appointment so that you are always on time. In doing so, you increase the chances that you make it to the appointment safe and without injuring others.

At Calhoun Risk Management, we value your safety. Give us a call to inquire about how we can protect you further with driving tips and auto insurance solutions.

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