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Choosing the Right Commercial Coverages Could Save You Big

For business owners, deciding on the right insurance coverages can seem more like an art than a science. After all, no one ever knows exactly which hazards will result in a claim, how much such claims may be, or when or if they will happen. But despite the uncertainties, considering the fact that insurance coverage is both an expense and a business protection mechanism, choosing business insurance coverages wisely could save your company big.

Below we will take a look at some ways your company can save by choosing the right insurance coverages:

Insure valuables – Every company has valuable property which helps the company function. For example, delivery companies may own vehicles, and companies with offices may own valuable office equipment. By properly covering your company’s property you can save big should any of the property become damaged by a covered event. Depending on the kind of property involved, the savings could reach into the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Protect against personal injury claims – Personal injury and wrongful death claims can be some of the most expensive situations a company can face, both to defend against and to settle. Payouts in personal injury and wrongful death cases can easily reach into the millions. By carrying adequate insurance your company can help protect against the potentially devastating consequences of personal injury claims.  

Unnecessary coverage – One of the best reasons to work with a qualified Minneapolis, MN insurance agent a Calhoun Risk Management is to review your current insurance coverage needs and compare these needs with your current coverages. It could be argued that there is no such thing as too much insurance, and in general this may be a reasonable maxim. But every business has its specific hazards and risks and your insurance coverages should correspond with these risks. If you are carrying too much insurance you could save by restructuring your insurance coverages to reflect your company’s true needs.

At Calhoun Risk Management we have extensive experience in helping our commercial insurance clients properly insure their businesses for every likely possibility. Contact us today for more information.


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