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Who Should Have Flood Insurance?

The biggest asset that most people will ever own is their home. For those that are in the Minneapolis, MN area, making sure that they have adequate home insurance is extremely important. One type of additional home insurance that many people may need to have in the area is flood insurance. There are several situations in which you should have additional flood insurance on your home policy.

Those that are Required to Carry It

One situation in which you should have flood insurance is if it is required for your mortgage documents. If you have an FHA guaranteed loan, the federal government will require you to have flood insurance if you are home is situated in a designated area set forth by FEMA.  In these situations, your mortgage lender will likely require you to have your flood insurance payments escrowed each month to make sure there is not a lapse in coverage.  

Those with Flood Concerns

While you may not technically live in a designated flood zone, or you may not be required to have it under a mortgage document, you should still have flood insurance if you are concerned about floods in your area. If your area is susceptible to floods and water damage, you should have flood insurance as an extra precaution.  In many cases, your standard home insurance policy will not cover flood damage so an extra flood policy would be very beneficial.  

For those that are in the Minneapolis, MN area and may need to have flood insurance, meeting with the Calhoun Risk Management company will be a good idea.  The Calhoun Risk Management company will be able to provide you with insight into your flood insurance needs and make sure you get the right policy to provide you with necessary coverage.  

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