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Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover My Dog?

A home is an asset and it needs to be protected. Homeowners insurance policies cover different policies depending on the needs of a home and its owner. Insurance agencies such as Calhoun Risk Management help you analyze different homeowners insurance policies and settle for those that suit your Minneapolis, MN home the best. Home insurance policies do not cover dogs or any pets but there are circumstances under which you may file a claim.

Homeowners Insurance When Your Dog Bites Someone

Your dogs can bite people out of agitation or provocation. If your dog bites a visitor without provocation, you as the dog owner have to pay for their medical charges. If the incident happens inside your property, and your home insurance coverage includes it, you may get compensation from your homeowner’s liability insurance coverage. The compensation will help you pay for the injured person’s medical charges, loss of wages, pain and pain and suffering. If they sue you, it may pay for the legal fees. However, the policy will only pay if the person is not you or a member of your household.

According to the laws of Minnesota, you are only liable if your dog attacks the injured party without provocation. The general behavior of your dog does not really matter. Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers dog bites to other people, you can only make a claim if you are legally liable.

Dog Injuries

Even though your homeowner’s insurance policy may pay for bodily injury liability, it does not help pay for injuries or illnesses of your dog whether or not it was injured in your property. You need to get a separate policy for that.

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